Here at Meadow View we carry everything you need to attract birds to your yard. Feeders, houses, birdbaths, and seed will make your lawn the favorite space for colorful birds all year.

If you are trying to attract birds to your yard, the first purchase you need to make is a bird feeder. There are several types to choose from, so let us help you make the correct choice for the birds you are trying to attract.Your feeder should be easy to fill and clean, because empty feeders aren’t good and moldy feeders are worse!

Once you have a feeder, you need to select a food. We only stock Coles bird seed, because we believe it is best. If you buy cheap bird seed, you will waste your money. Most of it will end up on the ground! We have seed to attract a wide variety of birds, and treated seed that will discourage squirrels.

You can double the amount of birds in your yard by adding a water source. Birdbaths are great, but should be cleaned frequently and refilled often. Please make sure that your birdbath is shallow enough for the birds to stand in. If it is not, add a rock or a layer of pebbles to the bottom. We want your birds to be clean, now drowning!

If you want birds to live in your yard, you can add houses. There are different houses for different birds, and spacing requirements for some species. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


A line of high-quality, unique and ornithologically correct birding products to make backyard bird and squirrel feeding successful.


The Better Wild Bird Feed! With Cole’s line of top quality wild bird feed, you get what you paid for – more wild birds on the bird feeder, and less waste and weeds under the feeder!