Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are much more than yard decorations. They provide shelter from the weather, create privacy, lower heating and cooling bills, and provide food and protection for birds and wildlife. In recent years, we have expanded our tree selection to include both popular trees, such as maples and dogwoods, and more unique species, like a Contorted Filbert or weeping cherries. For shrubs, we have varieties in every size and sun requirement you might need. If there is a specific variety you are interested in, please give us a call. There are two broad categories that trees and shrubs fall under: evergreen and deciduous.

Evergreen plants really do stay “ever green.” They retain their leaves year-round, replacing them a few at a time throughout the seasons. These are useful in landscaping because they can muffle noise, act as property boundaries, and add various textures and heights to your yard.

Deciduous plants are those that drop their leaves in the fall. They also tend to grow more quickly than evergreens, and can offer colorful blossoms and interesting foliage to your landscaping.

Remember, trees are long-lived, so make sure that the one you like will stay the size you need. For instance, a river birch might look beautiful beside your house, but its expansive root system can damage the home’s foundation. A foster holly may be four feet now, but without regular pruning, in a few years it will be 20.

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