Gardening in the Fall

Fall is in the air and there is much to be done to get your garden ready for the cooler weather.

  • Do a general walk through to see what did well and what didn’t.
  • Check for signs of insects and disease. There is still time to do one final treatment.
  • Clean up the beds, removing any diseased leaves and debris.
  • Prune out dead, diseased or broken branches, but don’t do any major pruning until plants are dormant (summer bloomers) or until they bloom next spring (spring bloomers). Evergreens should not be pruned except for minor shaping.
  • Pull up or cut back annuals.
  • Cut back scraggly perennials that are done blooming. Divide spring bloomers and fleshy rooted perennials now.
  • Pull up or spray weeds.
  • Add organic matter.
  • Fall is the best time to plants trees, shrubs, and many perennials.
  • Plant Pansies by Mid-October for best performance.
  • Bulbs should be planted by the end of November
  • If you want your Mums to be perennial, try to get them in the ground by mid-September.
  • Replant containers with cool season annuals.
  • Bring houseplants indoors. Treat first to make sure they are not bringing unwanted guests with them.
  • Aerate your lawn and reseed thin or dead areas.
  • Mulch only if needed. “Fluff” older mulch.
  • Don’t forget to water!