Bulk Products

Meadow View offers topsoil, mulch and pine straw in bulk.


Mulch does more than make your landscape more attractive. It also keeps temperature and moisture levels stable, protects your plants from lawnmower and weed whacker damage, and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. Never make “volcanoes’ around your plants! Mulch should never be piled at the base of your trees and does not need to be deeper than 3”.


Our compost rich topsoil can be used to amend the clay soil or to create raised beds. It comes from Hines Fine Soils and is enriched with compost from Green Mountain Coffee. You will see compost and a few coffee beans in it.

Pine Straw

Pine straw makes a terrific mulch for acid loving plants and slopes. It is also a little easier to handle than bulk mulch. In general, one bale will cover 30 square feet if it is a new bed. If you are just topdressing, one bale will cover 50 square feet.