9885 U.S. 11, Lenoir City, TN 37772 Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm | Sun: 1pm-5pm
9885 U.S. 11, Lenoir City, TN 37772
Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm | Sun: 1pm-5pm

Succulents have become one of the most popular types of plant that we sell because of their easy care. A few varieties will live outdoors year-round, but many will need to be houseplants in the winter. They typically need a fair amount of light and will not survive over-watering. Ask us about specific care instructions.

Tillandsias (air plants) also fall into the succulent category, but do not need soil. They do, however, need to be watered at least weekly.

Tropical Plants and Houseplants

We bring in several loads of tropical flowering and foliage plants from Florida every year. Tropical flowers add a great splash of color with blooms that frequently last all summer long. Foliage plants can often be brought indoors and treated as a houseplant. Because they are not natives here, some will need a little extra attention. Flowering tropicals generally need regular and frequent fertilization. We will be happy to show you how to keep them beautiful!

Vegetables and Herbs

All our vegetables and most of our herbs are grown on our family farm. We have a terrific selection of different varieties including many heirlooms as well as the most popular new types. There are a few important “tricks” to having a successful garden, so please ask us if you have questions. We can also guide you toward the appropriate treatments for any insect or disease problems you encounter.

Mums and Poinsettias
Nothing says “Fall” quite like a Mum, and our farm grows over 40,000 of them! We have a wonderful selection of early to late blooming varieties in many different colors that will add a great pop of color to your landscape. Please remember, however, that there is a difference between the typical fall mum and perennial chrysanthemums. If you plant our mums before the middle of September, there is a good chance that they will come back the following year. If they are planted later than that, they may not have time to establish roots before we have a frost. Also, there is no such thing as a mum that blooms the entire fall. Most have a 4-6-week bloom time, so you will need to change them to keep the color going all season.
Just as Mums say “Fall”, Poinsettias are one of the symbols of Christmas! We grow several thousand of them and have provided the plants for the ETCH Fantasy of Trees for many years. We have several sizes and varieties to choose from, and our greenhouse is a winter wonderland when they are blooming. These beauties are a bit finicky and will not tolerate any amount of cold, so let us help you choose one and teach you how to keep it beautiful during the holidays and beyond.

If you are doing a fundraiser for your school or group, please contact the farm at wolfriver.net about using our Mums and Poinsettias. Most people are much more excited about buying plants than they are about buying more wrapping paper or cookie dough!